Commercial Ice Machine Repair

commercial ice machine being repaired

Commercial ice machine repair can be a costly, frustrating experience for many businesses, including restaurants, bars, hotels, and grocery stores.
Ice machine repair can be complicated, but our technicians are trained to handle all situations.

We can quickly diagnose and fix your ice machine if it’s acting faulty or becoming unreliable.

When your ice machine breaks, Commercial Refrigeration Services is here to help.

Keep Your Ice Machine Working Properly

We offer same-day repairs on all brands of ice machines for businesses in East Brunswick, North Brunswick, South Brunswick, Edison, and Princeton, New Jersey.  Our team works quickly any time of the day or night to get any repairs done that you need.

We offer a variety of commercial ice machine repairs, including:

  • Full-Cube Ice Machines
  • Half-Cube Ice Machines
  • Nugget Ice Machines
  • Flake Ice Machines
  • Specialty Ice Machines

No matter what type you have, Commercial Refrigeration Services will repair it efficiently and effectively. We service and repair bin-combo units, under-the-counter units, and stand-alone units.

When your ice machine malfunctions, it’s not just an inconvenience to your customers or cafeteria patrons—it’s also a loss of potential revenue. Contact us today for fast repairs, so you can get back to serving everyone their fill of ice-cold beverages.

Commercial Ice Machine Repair Services You Can Trust

When your ice machine is broken, you might notice a few problems. If you notice any of the following recurring issues, contact us for a free estimate:

Water Flow Problems
When water flow is impeded, deposits build up in the water lines and other parts of your machine, causing it to break.

Water Leaks
A leaky valve often causes water to leak from your equipment. Water pools at the machine’s base can be a telltale sign of a leak.

Hot Equipment
Improper equipment installation in a space that lacks proper ventilation can cause your ice machine to malfunction and break. It is critical to hire a professional ice machine repair company like Commercial Refrigeration Services to install an ice machine properly.

If your ice machine is clean, it will work better. Cleaning is essential to prevent the buildup of dirt, frost, or debris, which can prevent your ice machine from working correctly.

If you notice any problems with your commercial ice machine, contact Commercial Refrigeration Services as soon as possible.
Commercial ice machine maintenance plans are also available, which will help keep your equipment running efficiently and avoid costly repairs.
Emergency repairs can cost your business a lot of money, but maintenance is much more affordable.

Keeping up with your ice machine’s maintenance can help you earn good health inspections, increase ice cube volume and longevity, and reduce energy costs

Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance Services

  • Descaling and sanitizing ice machine
  • Check Freon level
  • Check mall electric components
  • Clean Condenser coil and evaporator coil when needed
  • Clean drain lines

Let Us Help With Your
Commercial Ice Machine Repairs

Commercial Refrigeration Services proudly serves restaurants, bars, hotels, delis, flower shops, grocery stores, commercial kitchens, convenience stores, cafeterias, and country clubs in the new Central New Jersey area. We offer upfront pricing, 24/7 emergency services, and risk-free quotes.

When a piece of equipment breaks down, it can disrupt your business. Don’t let an out-of-order ice machine affect your day.

Contact Commercial Refrigeration Services immediately, and we will get the machine up and running again.

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